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Which ores does Ox-Tec work best on?

Ox-Tec is designed for semi- and fully-refractory gold ores that contain predominantly pyrite and arsenopyrite minerals.


How do you know if Ox-Tec will work for your ore?

Oxidation Technologies has a clear understanding of the ore characteristics that are amenable to recovery improvements through the application of the Ox-Tec process. You can provide existing ore assay and mineralogical data or arrange for a representative sample of your ore to be tested.


What if Ox-Tec is not suitable?

We will be happy to direct you to other treatment providers which may suit your ore profile better.

What is the turnaround time on testing?

Initial amenability testing and reporting can be typically completed within four to six weeks from receipt of samples.


How long to get Ox-Tec operational on site?

Depending on the complexity of the process circuit, the Ox-Tec circuit can be designed, constructed and operational within twelve to fifteen months.

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